Offset Lithography

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Offset Lithography and Plastic Card Manufacturing

Teraco has invested heavily in new Card Manufacturing Systems and Equipment, Customer Data Security Protocols, a secure-access controlled Personalization Facility and climate controlled secure access warehouse. Our commitment to providing the highest quality card product available guarantee’s our Customers innovative card designs and version optionality.

We maintain a state-of-the-art card manufacturing facility that employs best in class Digital and Offset Lithographic equipment and industry leading OEM Collation, Lamination and Registered Tool Punching equipment. Our customers can take comfort that they are getting an ISO-Spec Plastic Card Product.

Our Manufacturing Leadership has on average 25 years of experience in Offset Card Production. Operating ManRoland and Heidelberg equipment, they offer a wide variety of print options and produce in excess of 250 million cards per annum. We operate under a Platen Lamination format that uses world class Oaysys and Burkle systems, consistently producing a distinctly superior sheet product. Employing Industry leading Oaysys Punching equipment, our Customers benefit from a unique double registration protocol, which has established the 430 as the most accurate card punch in the World. All of our operators receive regular training by OEM technicians and participate in internal workflow analysis, bringing best practice SOP’s to our Manufacturing floor.

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