Fulfillment And Distribution

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Fulfillment Programs Tailored to the Unique Marketing Campaigns for National Brands

Fulfillment and Distribution

Teraco offers a full suite of fulfillment, packaging and distribution services for large Retail and Restaurant Groups. The option of utilizing our Digital Workflow Platform allows for variable data across the entirety of a program, creating an unlimited capacity to personalize on demand.

Utilizing best in class OEM mailing and fulfillment equipment, Teraco’s customers can rely on the speed and accuracy required as a provider of Plastic Card solutions in both the Commercial and Healthcare sectors.


  • The Teraco Data Team has created sophisticated fulfillment programs that drop ship single and multiple versions to thousands of store locations on behalf of large Retail Customers
  • This Industry Leading program can provide two shipments a week, in any volume. National QSR’s and Fast Food Retailers benefit from rapid store fulfillment with any combination of promotional version
  • Our Team can create a program tailored for your unique Branding and Marketing needs:

  • Our high speed Direct Mail Fulfillment Service is powered by Teraco’s Digital Center of Excellence
  • Large Brands and Retail Customers utilize this service to expand their Branding Message to a targeted Demographic with unique Promotional and Loyalty programs, all personalized to the consumer
  • Our proprietary programs create highly successful Marketing Campaigns, providing unique real-time data feedback to the Retailer regarding the efficacy of their Campaign
  • Our Data and Creative Teams collaborate to provide unmatched Brand Building Custom Card Marketing Programs

    Examples of just some options include:

  • Flat Affixing
  • Fold Affixing (Single)
  • 3rd Party Packaging
  • Box Affixed Product in 25
  • Box Affixed Product in 50
  • Box Affixed Product in 100
  • Box Affixed Product in 150
  • Box Affixed Product in 200
  • Box Affixed Product in 250
  • Box Affixed Product in 350
  • Box DOD in 25
  • Box DOD in 50
  • Box DOD in 100
  • Bundling Shrinkwrap in 10’s
  • Bundling Shrinkwrap in 25’s
  • Bundling Shrinkwrap in 50’s
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