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Teraco provides a comprehensive solution to produce ID Cards for Health Insurance Providers in all markets including Medical, Medicaid, Dental, and Pharma. Our experienced team understands the important role that quality and timing play in ensuring an elevated and positive brand experience for your members.

Our Healthcare ID Cards Solution

Digital Card Production is a Differentiator

Teraco’s digital printing process allows for complete flexibility in card design, variable data, and data placement during card personalization. All of these factors result in an ID card that promotes your Brand. With a digital production print process, multiple plan versions can be produced within a single production run. We offer a wide array of durable substrates and finishes to provide you with multiple options for your Insurance ID cards.

Production Process Highlights:

  • Our state of the art Fulfillment platform processes Card to Letter Carrier Match Affixing, Envelope Insertion and Pre-Sorting in-line
  • Teraco’s Prinergy Digital Work Flow platform allows for ID card design and content changes to be completed in real-time, all within a secured interface
  • Custom templates for card designs can be combined with variable data for 100% variability
  • ID cards and carriers can be printed on demand within a single run reducing inventory requirements
  • Multiple thickness offerings including 20, 24, and 30 mil
  • 1 – 4 cards per carrier
  • Back end reporting customized to meet your needs
  • Multiple shipping options include presort mail, bulk shipments and accelerated delivery
  • Our Healthcare ID Card Solution

    As your one stop shop provider for ongoing fulfillment, we accomplish 3 primary goals: Security, Quality, and ease of doing business. We provide our Customer’s a Secure Portal for ongoing transactions, creating a streamlined process that allows for:

  • 24/7 Access
  • Multi-Level Security
  • Online data proofing
  • File hold and release capabilities
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