Unique Plastic Card Programs

For All Your Marketing Campaigns

An industry leading manufacturer of printed plastic products, we’re here to help you find the perfect solution to your unique needs.

Insurance Cards

Teraco provides a comprehensive Card Production and Fulfillment solution for Health Insurance Providers in all markets including Medical, Medicaid, Dental, and Pharma. Our IT Security, Production and Fulfillment personnel are fully trained in all aspects of PHI and HIPAA compliance, ensuring our Healthcare Providers end-to-end Data Security.

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Gift Cards

Retailers and Restaurants use Plastic Gift Cards to build a greater revenue relationship with their Customers. Activated at the point of sale and used for future purchases, Gift Cards also serve to create Consumer Identification with the Brand.

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Loyalty Cards

A critical Brand re-enforcement tool, Loyalty Programs provide the frequent Consumer with reward points and special promotions that result in a greater velocity of revenue spend.

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Hospitality Cards

Our long term and established relationships with leading Lock and Licensed RFID Manufacturers ensure the Hospitality Consumer with a reliable access card product while protecting and promoting the Corporate Brand.

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Special Event Cards

Retail, Restaurant and Hotel properties can create additional consumer spend by promoting Special Events at their venues. Connecting the Brand and the Consumer through increased property utilization creates incremental foot traffic and revenue spend.

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