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To the management and staff at Teraco:

It usually goes without saying that vendors and service providers never get the recognition they deserve for a job well done.  The 'folks at the front' usually get the kudos.  This holds especially true for vendors behind the vendors.  Well, that doesn't work for me.

I want you to know that I (and the rest of Group Health Cooperative) am fully aware of the incredible effort you put forth to take on our plastic order through our distributor, and rush it through in an amazingly short amount of time.  Our appreciation extends to the President of Teraco all the way down to the front line staff who all dedicated themselves to get our plastic made and shipped.  Because of your efforts, our consumers were able to get medical services much more quickly than otherwise.  It would be nice to think that all companies dedicate themselves to such awesome customer service, but unfortunately that's not so.  A perfect case in point is the fact that we're back to obtaining our plastic through our distributor and Teraco, having 5 years of bad experiences with a different vendor - one who didn't give a rap about quality and even less about customer satisfaction.  I'm terrifically pleased with the situation.

It also needs to be noted that in spite of the grueling time frame you had to work with and accomplished, the quality of the stock I've seen is excellent.  Given the time requirements, it could have been otherwise.  It's so obvious that Teraco cares about the products they sell and their customers' needs.  I can imagine the effort it took to get us what we needed, when we needed it.  I also know that in order for a company to do that, it takes the dedication of everyone.  It seems to me that Teraco must be a pretty awesome place to work when staffs are so willing to make that extra effort for a customer.

So thank you very, very much.  Your efforts are recognized and incredibly appreciated.  I look forward to a long and fruitful association with Teraco, via our distributor.

- Jane
Information & Support Systems Manager
End User Healthcare Industry


I had a difficult project with a very demanding client but now I have a happy client. Thanks for making me look good to my customers.

- Mike
Atlanta Based Service Partner


Our customer received their first two boxes today as scheduled. Thank you - they LOVE the tags!!   You went to bat for this order in production and delivered!

Jess did great follow-up and getting the shipment split and shipped.

Thank you both.
I DO appreciate it!

- Deb
Ohio based Promotional Products Distributor


I thought I should first let you know that I have been very pleased to work with Ms. Willmann as my Account Manager for my first order placed with Teraco.  She is an exceptional employee and has been very dedicated with everything she's done to assist me as a new Teraco customer (and, no, she didn't ask me to write this--it is something that I thought I should do in order to let you know what a professional person she has been!).

Also, I thought I would let you know that the Perk Cards came out very nice. Thank you for everything you did to get me started with Teraco.

- James
Ohio based Direct Marketing Consultant


A long time Teraco customer/distributor supplies a major fuel retailer vacation club division with a membership card program for their premier timeshare owner/member based organization.

Membership in a high-end organization has a distinct set of benefits” said Jeff Kush, Senior Account Executive for Teraco. “A membership card has to fit the program and a premium printed ‘Credit Card’ type product definitely meets that requirement.” The 30 mil card is printed four color process on the face of the card and includes a signature panel and member info on the reverse side. The signature panel is an important feature as some benefits of the program have a considerable value and the card holder’s signature can be verified against other form of signed identification. This is important to consider because members have access to numerous other benefits in addition to access to the club owned timeshare properties. The membership card is their “proof of membership.”

Member based program coordinators certainly understand the value in offering their members a high quality and durable card product.

“The perceived value of a plastic membership card that looks and feels like a credit, debit or gift card resonates with the consumer” added Steve Pruitt, Vice President of Marketing for Teraco. This high-end membership card is a perfect example of a solid member based organization using a premium laminated card as their member credentials.

This card program was another success for Teraco which speaks to the partnership with resellers that Teraco depends on.


Distributor organization helps give casino loyalty program a successful start.

A premier full service casino in the Midwest was looking to implement a loyalty program. Virtually all major casinos now have comprehensive programs of this sort. The distributor on the job calls Teraco to brainstorm about card solutions to fit the program.

A high quality card was important to the executives at the Casio. The distributor communicated to Teraco that the client was looking to the card design to speak to the authenticity of the program. To help achieve a high-end exclusive look, Teraco recommended the use of a flood coat glitter gold silkscreen ink and giving the distinctive logo an additional treatment of a metallic gold foil hot stamp.

“A critical part of this and any casino loyalty card program is the use of magnetic stripe technology” explained Teraco Special Projects Manager, Ashley Williams”, Teraco produces ISO spec laminated magnet strip cards that will consistently work in the Casino Slot machine and table swipe readers.” The card allows players of the casino slots or table games to earn cash back, hotel comps or discounts and entries into special give-ways or other promotions. The film lamination is also a critical part of the card issuance system. Thermal transfer printing, supplied by the distributor to the casino, required a film laminated card in order to be compliant with the machines used to print casino patron name and account number of the surface of the card.

The ability to instantly issue cards is critical to the program. Customers are encouraged to join the club and receive their card after they complete a short application form. A membership desk rep enters their information into the casino database system. The system then sends the information to the card printer and the card is personalized with the clients name and the magnetic strip encode with the club member number issued on the spot.” This database information is used to track players’ points and rewards and is used for direct mail and other casino marketing campaigns.

The distributor organization played an important role in the success of the Casino loyalty program as the supplier of card printing and instant issuance card systems. The distributor further added, “The program went extremely well. Ashley was great to work with. Teraco was a big help throughout every aspect of this project.”