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Products & Services for Plastic Cards

Imaging & Encoding Plastic Cards

Imaging and encoding, also known as card personalization or the individual treatment each plastic card receives to include variable data.  Different card programs require different solutions. 

Imaging refers to the application of variable data to the surface of the pre-printed plastic cards.  The inclusion of variable data via this feature is commonly used for:
  • Bar codes
  • Names and unique numbers
Imaging Options
  • DOD/UV Inkjet
    • High speed application
    • Most durable option
    • Pricing in midrange
    • Best with laminated card surfaces
  • MEK Inkjet
    • High speed application
    • Lowest cost solution
    • Printable on laminated and non-laminated surfaces
    • Least durable method not recommended for extended use programs
  • Thermal Imaging
    • Highest resolution yields best visual and scanning quality available on the market
    • Slowest and most expensive form of application
    • Limited to laminated card surfaces
    • Not recommended for keytags

Embossing Plastic Cards

Embossing refers to the raised lettering with color toping that is still the industry standard for many credit card and other plastic card products.

Encoding refers to the process of embedding unique data onto the magnetic stripe which enables the plastic cards to be linked to the processing component of your stored value or points based program. 

Let Teraco help you find the best solution for your program!

  • Card programs that require encoding also require imaging.  This provides necessary protection for the functionality of your program if a magnetic strip was unable to be processed. 
  • Hotel keycards do not require imaging or encoding.  A unique numbering sequence is by added by the hotel locking system at the time of issuance.
Embossed & Imaged Plastic Cards


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