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Plastic cards are one the fastest growing segment of the print and promotional products industry.  The success of plastic card programs continues to increase the demand for these products. 

Browse our list to get ideas and start profiting from this cultural phenomenon.


I want you to know that I (and the rest of Group Health Cooperative) am fully aware of the incredible effort you put forth to take on our plastic order through our distributor, and rush it through in an amazingly short amount of time.  Our appreciation extends to the President of Teraco all the way down to the front line staff who all dedicated themselves to get our plastic made and shipped.  Because of your efforts, our consumers were able to get medical services much more quickly than otherwise.  It would be nice to think that all companies dedicate themselves to such awesome customer service, but unfortunately that's not so.  A perfect case in point is the fact that we're back to obtaining our plastic through our distributor and Teraco, having 5 years of bad experiences with a different vendor - one who didn't give a rap about quality and even less about customer satisfaction.  I'm terrifically pleased with the situation.

So thank you very, very much.  Your efforts are recognized and incredibly appreciated.  I look forward to a long and fruitful association with Teraco, via our distributor.

- Jane
Information & Support Systems Manager
End User Healthcare Industry

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