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About Us

Who We are…
Teraco was founded in 1962. The first manufacturing facility was located in Minneapolis, Minnesota on Terrace Street which is how we got our name, Teraco. In 1970 Teraco moved to the current location in Midland, Texas.

In June of 2008 Teraco Inc. purchased the assets of Innovative Plastic Card Printing Corporation. Since that time Innovative and Teraco have worked together to maximize the combination of our strengths and operate as one company. As of June 2015, Teraco consolidated our Roselle, IL manufacturing equipment into our Midland, TX facility. We now have substantial capacity and redundancy under one roof.

Consumer trends and use of plastic cards has changed over the years. Teraco continues to evolve as a supplier and adapt to industry demands; however, our commitment to customers remains constant.

Teraco is synonymous in the market place for Speed, Service and Solutions. 

The custom nature of our products emphasizes the relationship aspect of our business.  Rather than just fulfill the order we want to partner with our customers to develop the best solution for each job.  All of this is done with the service you expect at the speed you need! 

What our clients say…
But don’t take our word for it.  Click here to see what our customers have to say.

What we do…

Teraco, Inc. is a leading high-tech graphic arts oriented manufacturer of plastic cards, including gift cards, credit cards, loyalty cards, private label credit cards, membership cards, and ID card programs, plus the card personalization and finishing services associated with them.  Teraco also manufactures printed plastic promotional products.

Our facilities…
Teraco is equipped with the additional resources to facilitate programs that require extra security:

  • Secure employee only badge access to entry building
  • Employee background checks
  • 24/7 camera monitored facility
  • Additional clearance requirements for employees working in personalization (image & encoding) department
  • Secure server for data management

Our Green Initiatives

Teraco, Inc is a pioneer in developing green products.  We are proud to offer and promote the only consumer plastic card reclamation program worldwide, but our green mentality goes far beyond our product offerings. 

We manage our internal operations to decrease overall energy consumption and increase our ability to recycle and conserve global resources.  We continually evaluate our own efforts to find more ways to be earth friendly.  We are excited to report our most recent successes and procedures that allow us to reduce our carbon footprint and promote environmental responsibility. 

  • Decreased overall energy usage by 29%
  • Implement cleaning solutions that uses more natural ingredients which are less harmful to the earth
  • Reduced paper flow by utilizing e-fax and email for invoicing and promotional correspondence 
  • Volunteers for power distribution shut downs
  • Computer controlled lights - automatically turn off when area is unoccupied
  • Computer controlled climate controls keep us from overusing energy
  • Streamlined packaging process to use fewer products creating less waste
  • All manufacturing scrap is recycled and reused  


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